"Roller coaster of love- say what?"

Right now, we are in the midst of a complete Nap Time Fail, as there are a bunch a very loud (albeit, very sweet) men outside wielding very loud chainsaws. My husband can sleep through that with no problem, but poor PJ is being kept up! Fooey. Still, he's not upset, just laying in bed reading a book and resting his body. Looks like an early bedtime tonight!

Today aside, naps have been very successful affairs lately as our days have been full-to-brimming with activity! Easter turned into a four day celebration of egg decorating parties, bunny shows at the library (did you know bunnies can navigate agility courses????), Easter Sunday gatherings and trips to Six Flags Great Adventure with friends! After all of that action, PJ has been one tired little Dude and has fallen asleep almost instantly when laid in his bed! 

Coming off a big win for the Flyers last night this day in particular has been sweet, with PJ having a great therapy session this morning and then behaving beautifully at an appointment to have some blood drawn! After his appointment, Pete went home to go to sleep since he worked last night, and PJ and I met Marla at Olive Garden for a delicious lunch! PJ's amazing behavior continued and lunch was lovely! I was so proud of him! 

Just as an aside, I can never go to Olive Garden with Pete, because he just doesn't get it. He always says "We have so many amazing, authentic Italian restaurants in our area, why would you go to Olive Garden?" Um, duh, you don't go to Olive Garden for authenticity. You go because it's Olive Garden and it's awesome! I don't really think there are people in Milan or Florence eating the Tour of Italy! But, that's my hubby, so I like to save a trip to the O.G. for sister dates! :-)

Now, Pete is off for a few days and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so I am looking forward to some family time together! Perhaps we can even work in a trip to the beach! :-) 

With that, please enjoy this picture of PJ on his very first by himself ride at Great Adventure! 

No, YOU just got Instagram on your phone!

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