"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me..."

A Bunch of Random Crap. Because, why not?

We changed PJ's bed over, fully, to a "big boy" bed (ie, a toddler bed with both sides open now!). He seems to be doing just fine, but hasn't lost his penchant for falling asleep in random places in his room. He's not falling out of bed, rather, I think he just gets up to play and ends up passing out. 

He's so weird.

Pete's car died quite a while back, and he has been driving his father's truck ever since (thanks, Dad L, for that!). He finally decided to go look for a new car but in true manfashion is on a quest for the Perfect Deal. Which means he has been looking for a car for friggin' weeks! I just don't get it.

Here's how Brie shops for a car. 

1. Look at some cars.
2. Pick a car.
3. Sign the papers.
4. Whee! New car!

Simple, right?

I am on a quest to really, truly do some Spring Cleaning around here. With the changing of PJ's bed came the realization that we have too much crap, so away it has to go. A few bags have gone to Purple Heart, but a few more will have to follow! If I was more domestic, all of this might not be such a challenge! But I am not, so it is! :-) Neatness has never been a forte of mine! Our home generally has random piles of crap scattered about! It will be a revolt against nearly 35 (ahem...) years of slobishness. Go. Fight. Win.

Hey, friends, please keep my sister and my dad in your prayers? They are both having some health problems and could use the good vibes, even though they both have more strength and spirit then you could imagine!

TV shows I enjoy: The Voice, Smash, Parenthood, The Today Show, One Tree Hill (don't judge me)
TV shows PJ enjoys: Thomas and Friends, Blue's Clues, Caillou (don't judge him)


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