"If you need a lift..."

It's late Sunday night and we are finally getting settled down from the day. Just in time to go to bed. :-P

The past week was a combination of fun, busy, emotional and harried and this week promised to be more of the same. PJ has therapy every morning this week, and there's the usual array of play dates, family time, and various adventures! It's also Pete's sucky week at work: He works every other day so that means he sleeps before and after each shift, so his "day off" doesn't really start until he wakes up after sleeping off the shift from the night before. So, if he works Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, you can figure out how much we see him over the week.

It sucks. Although starvation and eviction, I'm sure, suck much harder, so we suck it up. (Can I use "suck" a few more times?)

We had made an appointment to see a geneticist a few months ago on the advice of the developmental pediatrician that follows PJ for his autism care. Pete and I want to have more children, but after having a child diagnosed with autism, we wanted to discuss our chances of having another child with a challenge. Our appointment was for June, but early last week we got a call letting us know that there had been a cancellation and would we like to come in later in the week. The answer was "Yes!" so we headed over to CHOP to meet with a doctor and a genetic counselor. After an interview of our medical history and a physical exam of PJ, it was determined that PJ does not show any physical signs of a genetic disorder. We will have blood drawn sometime next week to see if there are any metabolic conformations of genetic disorders. Those results will take six to eight weeks to come back, and upon the receipt of these results I imagine Pete and I will have a lot to talk about.  For now, we were both impressed with the doctor and pleased with how the exam went.

The car looks like this! It's black! And pretty!
The real shocker of the week? Pete finally picked a car, signed some papers, and drove it home! There is an actual new car in our driveway (a  Nissan Rouge- it's pretty!) and as we are not people who make large purchases, this is very exciting for us! It's mainly exciting for me because it means Pete is DONE SHOPPING! Hooray! After he signed the papers, Pete got to spin a prize wheel and won a duffel bag. One more click and he would have won a free warranty.

Damn duffel bag.

So now it's even later and the busy week is still ahead of us and my ass should be in bed. Off I go.

Goodnight, friends!


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Shelly said...

hahhahahah duffel bag!! that's funny and stupid all at the same time.
can't WAIT to see the new ride and breathe in that new car smell! =) you'll have to take me for a spin!

and we're here allllllllllll week for playdates =) love you guys!