"I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth moves slowly..."

For a Monday, today wasn't bad.

I woke up with an allergy headache, but was thankful for Pete who got PJ up and fed. With Pete working nights, mornings can be a struggle, so I was thankful for the effort on his part to let me sleep in an extra 20 minutes.

PJ had physical therapy and we met his wonderful therapist Christy at a local playground, where PJ climbed, ran, swang (swung?), balanced beamed, robe bridge walked, and rock climbed to his hearts content. His gross motor skills, while still not perfect, have improved enough that his PT has been cut back to once a month! So today was our last bi-weekly visit from Christy! We even met up with a few dear friends who came to keep us company! The day was warm and sunny but windy, in fact, it's been howling all day!

That's the back of Wwwaah-bee's head. 
After the park we stopped by my in-laws house so PJ could see his Nan and Pop and hang out with his cousin "Wwwwwahh-beee" (translation: Robbie). The boys are so funny together, and Robbie is usually patient enough to oblige PJ in a game of hide and seek or tag! At four, Robbie is the next closest cousin in age to PJ, so it's so much fun to see them play together! The both even had on orange sweatshirts today! I kept trying to snap a picture but it was an epic fail!

PJ napped well after all of that action and Pete and I actually got to spend some time together, which can be a rare luxury. I even got to have some couch time to finish reading last book of the Hunger Game trilogy, another rare occurance!

Pete had fire department stuff tonight, as he does every Monday night (boo!), and the Flyers lost to Tampa Bay (double boo!), but I did get in some buddy time with a good friend and that balanced out the double bummers as an end cap.

And now, PJ is sleeping peacefully on this cold, windy night and it's actually 18 minutes into Tuesday. Which means it's time for me to go to bed.

Good night, lovelies!

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