"Look at this photograph..."

A snapshot of my evening...

It's 9:04pm right now and I am hoping to get to bed by 9:30.

Since I am blogging instead of loading the dishwasher/straightening the living room/folding the laundry/reordering checks/getting some mail for tomorrow together, it's not looking good.

I didn't have much of an appetite today, so I didn't eat enough. Then, after I put PJ to bed, it all caught up and I ate a quarter of a box of Cinnamon Life. Dry. Out of the box. Giant fail.

I watched this piece on ACB.com and wish I was ready to face everything with such bravery.

I have been exercising with some regularity, and while the workouts are getting easier for me to get through, I still detest them. I call the poor, animated woman on the YourSelf Fitness for the X-Box many, many horrible names.

PJ had his usual occupational therapy session this morning, and then another one this afternoon since his therapist some open time and PJ had missed a visit last week. He was cranky for both of them, although he did participate with little trouble. He just wasn't happy about it. Which makes me...tired.

After I blog, I will be on Pinterest, despite my evening To-Do List and my lofty bedtime goals.

...and now I feel a little blechy from consuming said Cinnamon Life.

I think that's my cue.

Good night!

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Jenn said...

Oh girl! I hate those workout game people! Try the WiiFit Plus game for the Wii! It has a game where you can just run in place and switch the tv back to cable so you can watch the Chew (I know...so wrong) while running in place.