"It's such a funny thing how nothing's funny when it's you..."

How can it only be Tuesday? The last bits of Tuesday, granted, but still. How can it only be Tuesday?

Today was another freakishly warm January day (weirdest. winter. ever.) and unless you count PJ's alternately cranky/rammy outing at story hour today in which he shotgunned between crying and sprinting about the room stealing other kids snacks, it was pretty normal. Therapy this morning followed by a playdate with friends, the previously-mentioned story hour, dinner, bath and bedtime. My brain was a little more scrambled than usual due to the fact that I haven't been sleeping well.

I think it was that lingering fatigue that made PJ's Story Hour Meltdown seem more discouraging than normal. I don't think his behavior was much more then could be expected from a two-year old who didn't take a nap today (WTF, toddler?) and yet knowing that didn't stop me from letting a bad 40 minutes with my son completely get into my head. With all of the questions surrounding PJ right now (Autistic? Aspergers? Just weird?) it's difficult to discern what's a normal, two-year-old meltdown and what night be something more. And since I'm superduperneurotic, I become convinced that he's superflappyautistic every time he turns down his peas.

I know. I know.

Thankfully, story hour was just a bad half-hour in what wasn't a terrible day. If something is not right with PJ or if everything is "normal" and "fine", the tantrums and little things aren't what define my sweet Boy. He's handsome, happy, smart, funny and sassy and sometimes, I just need to perspective of A Few Hours Later to help me realize it.

What I need even more is some sleep!! So, with that...

Good night!

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