"In every heart there is a room..."

Things have been going by in a blur lately! I can hardly believe it's already November!! For those of you who don't live in my little piece of New Jersey...I wish you did! Our apartment is on a huge park in our town and it is absolutely gorgeous right now!

We have been so busy! PJ has started his therapy sessions and is receiving Occupational Therapy and Developmental Integration once a week, and this week he started Physical Therapy that he will have once every other week. It only adds up to 2-3 hours per week but it somehow seems to fill such a large section of our time.

Therapy started out a little...um, interesting! :-) PJ is once again in the throes of teething (I know, I know. He's the slowest teether ever. We are up to a whopping TWELVE TEETH! WTF?) so he is cranky and in pain off and on. Add to that strangers coming into the house to challenge him and we had a pissy little dude for the first two weeks. My sweet boy has gotten himself together though and we are finding the sessions to be productive and relatively peaceful, which is a wonderful thing! Even better, we are seeing such a positive difference in our boy! He's adding new words in every day, learning new skills, and continuing to be his usual sassy, funny self!

Well, he's not super funny when he's teething. But whatever.

Halloween was a giant picture-taking fail! We headed out to meet the cousins right after PJ's nap and hit the ground running, and somehow I never managed to get a shot of my cute little Super Grover! Pete and I keep meaning to get him back into his costume and re-enact the day because he really was so stinkin' adorable! He did his best to keep up with his big cousins, all of whom were, as always, so sweet and loving with him! PJ is such a lucky boy to have so many amazing young family members to look up to!  
And so it goes. We are officially in the tail end of 2011 and as usual, I have no idea how the hell that happened! By the end of this month my baby will be two years old! In each moment in and of itself it seems like time moves at such a leisurely pace until WHAM, it all catches up with you. PJ will only be two but it seems like he has been here forever! I know it's a cliche, nerdy-mom thing to say, but I hardly remember what life was like before he arrived!

For now, the end of another day has arrived. PJ is sleeping soundly and I am ready to follow suit! Yawn.

Good night!

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Lauren said...

Wow! He sure is a cutie! They do grow too fast.