"Baby, you're a firework, c'mon let your colors burst..."

Today is my Mom-Mom's birthday!

When my sister and I were very young, Mom-Mom managed to convince Marla she was 29 years old. It started when Marla was three or four and every year on her birthday, Mom-Mom turned 29 until one year Marla finally told her "Hey! You're gonna be 30 this year!"

Marla's always been a little gullible like that.

It's been more then two years since Mom-mom has been gone, and I miss her every. single. day. Sometimes, I see her face so clearly in PJ's that it makes my heart stop. I watch my beautiful boy grow and think about how wonderful it would have been to see her enjoy him. She would have loved his energy and his appetite and of course, his blonde hair! It was the bane of Mom-Mom's existence when I gave up being a bottle blonde.

By now, everyone knows the story of the last time I saw my Mom-Mom alive.We talked about how much she wanted Pete and I to start a family and I insisted that we would be waiting at least a few more months, not knowing that I was pregnant already with PJ. I will always know that he was her gift to me.

I hope that PJ gets all of her best qualities. Mom-Mom was hard-working, loyal, and smart. She was funny and touch and giving and proud. She was tiny, but held herself like she was a thousand feet tall. She was widowed relatively young and held a job, kept her home, and had a life. Through it all, her skin was amazing, her hair was coiffed, and her nails were perfect. She was beautiful.

I can't wait until PJ is old enough to hear stories of Mom-Mom. I hope he always, somehow, feels connected to her because in my heart, she left off where he began.

Happy birthday, Mom-Mom! Thank you for being my son's guardian angel. I love you!