"It's you and me in the summetime..."


It. Is. Friggin'. Hot.

It's super hot, so of course my poor PJ is super melty! The kid just can not hang with the heat, so he's been a bit out of sorts, even in the air conditioning. There's been a lot of Emergency Blue's Clues up in here, that's all I'm sayin'!

We finally got around to joining the neighborhood pool, so that offers us a cool way to get some of PJ's energy out! He loves the water and he loves running around the (very large, lovely) grounds! My cousin-in-law Jen and her brood are also members, so we have family to spend time with while he splash! Jen and the kids will soon be off to her husbands next assignment in N. Carolina (he a high-ranking officer in the Army) so it is wonderful to have some time with her and the kids.

The summer is almost halfway over, and it's gone by so fast! It's been so much fun being able to do so much with PJ- trips to the shore and the Pocanos, afternoons at the pool, story hours and music circles, playdates with friends and time with family. I know it's not likely he'll remember any of it, so I just hope he's having a good time and is happy in each moment! Even when he's throwing a tantrum!

For now, I'm off to bed- we had a busy day and this mama is tired! :-)

How has your summer been so far????

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Jenn said...

It is so hot here too! Chuck doesn't even want to go out to the pool. I'm glad you guys are able to have so much fun. I'm sure he'll have some memories of it.