"So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways..."

Aw, look! I found my blog!

My blog was lost for a bit. Between fighting the lighter version of the plague that's consumed my nieces and nephews, a few sleepless nights due to teething, playoff hockey, and just a general feeling of having nothing to say, my poor blog has been neglected.

I'm back now, though, and while I still don't really have anything groundbreaking to say, I am glad to be blogging again!

Here's what's been going down-

  • My poor baby boy is teething in full-swing! After going almost a year without any teeth at all, he has the top 4 coming in plus a molar coming in all at once! He's cranky and restless and may damn well chew off his fingers in his attempts to soothe his discomfort! I feel so bad for my sweet Boy-Boy! I am hoping this phase goes by quickly!
  • My dad is doing well recovering from his heart attack! He's a little bored because he's still on "light duty" (no working out, no long trips, etc.) but he's feeling great and had a very good follow-up from the cardiologist!
  • My mom, PJ and I went to the outlets in Atlantic City the other day to do some spring shopping for the Boy! Thanks to my mom, PJ has a full wardrobe! PJ also got to have his first lunch in a "fancy" place and was wonderfully behaved! It was a really, really nice afternoon and I was thankful for the time with my mom and for the great clothes we picked up for PJ!
  • April showers are in full force in these here parts! I actually love when it rains (as long as I don't have to go out!)! I have been enjoying quiet days with my sweet baby boy and my husband, staying cozy inside! I especially love when it's warm enough to have the windows open on a rainy day to let that spring-y, rain-y smell fill the apartment. That's pretty much heaven!
  • Pete and I are really attempting to create a budget and savings plan and stick to it, although it's likely we will kill each other before we save for a house! Two Tauruses + trying to make a plan = two people who both think they are right! Bad, bad math! I am even more Taurus-y then Pete is so I especially tend to get stubborn and angry when things don't go my way. For the sake of PJ and our future, I am trying to be cooperative. Trying. It's hard for me. (ahembigbrat)
  • Speaking of saving money, I have been literally dreaming of having our own home. I have house fever, which can only be outdone by my baby fever. Yup. I have that, too! The older PJ gets the more I think of how amazing he will be as a big brother! I will have to wait for both since we're not in a position to have either right now. Feh.
  • And, it's my bedtime! I need to grab some sleep while I can! What have all of you been doing these past weeks? Fill me in!
Goodnight! ;-)


bananaz0vrmunky said...

Aw good luck with the teething! I fear liam well go through the same thing! 8 months and still no teeth!

Jenn said...

Ugh! I hate budgeting. Bart and I are both accountants (well I was until Chuck came along) so we have the skill to do it, but not the determination. There's always one more pack of baseball cards needed (yes, I married n 8 year old) or a new DVD (I couldn't Netflix Harry Potter!) that we just have to own. Then the fights over whose purchases were more important come and I think we all know that Harry Potter trumps baseball cards any day.