"...and I'm like 'F**k you' and, uh, 'F**k her, too'..."

I truly apologize for being such a lazy blogger for so many days! It figures I am spurned by my annoyance at PSEG (our provider for gas and electric) to finally come back, but ARRGGH!!! I'm so annoyed!

Our gas meter is in our basement, behind a locked basement door. If the meter reader can't get to it, we get what is called an "estimated bill" in which PSEG takes a stab at how much gas they think we used and charges us for that guestimate. Guestimates suck because when the meter finally does get read, if they have been guessing low you owe them for the difference. We have told PSEG several times to have the meter person knock on the door so we can let him in for an accurate reading. If we're not there, we live in a building with several others who could give access to the meter. 99% of the time, there's someone in this house that's home.

So, with that explanation, I'm sure you won't be shocked to learn that I opened up a FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR PSEG BILL TODAY!!! Turns out, our meter hasn't been read since OCTOBER! Pete was outside a few days ago and happened upon the meter reader and let him in. Hopefully, I won't see him anytime soon, because his (her?) inability to walk six feet to ring a bell has resulted in us owing hundreds of dollars to PSEG. If the meter had been read, it would have come to about $20 extra bucks per bill, which is no big deal. But being hit with it all at once is going to be murder on our budget and I am pissed.


That aside, it's been pretty quiet here in Breezy World. We had a lovely Easter despite the extremely-warm weather! (Pics to come!) The kids all had a blast during the family Easter egg hunt, there was a ton of delicious food, and the Flyers won in OT! PJ look insanely handsome and I managed to enjoy myself even though I was tired and groggy from staying up all night reading The Help (a-MAAAAAY-zing!). I hadn't read anything new in months and I devoured it! It was so beautifully written, honest and sharp. Would that I could write half as well!

And now it's a Tuesday night, the Flyers won Game 7 against the Buffalo Sabres to go on to Round 2 of the NHL playoffs, and all is right with the world! And me?

It's time to go to sleep.

Goodnight! :-)

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Jenn said...

I can't wait to see pics. I too have been a lazy blogger lately, so maybe it's just something going around. May will be awesome!