"These are the days when you wish your bed was already made..."


I am totally cranky today. I admit it. I fully have the Monday's. Well, that and a horrible case of allergies! It was hard to keep up with my little Bug-a-Boo today with my nose all stuffy and my head all cloudy! Thankfully, PJ was obliging enough to take a good nap this afternoon so I could also indulge in one!

I had been looking forward to Pete having a few days off, but it looks he might be offered some overtime, so it might be a while before he has any extended time off- at least a week and a half! Boo. Still, I just try to remember that the extra money will be good for our bank account and that when he does have time off, it's for a few days at the time and makes his long work stretches worth it!

My sister started a new position today in the Cardiac ICU! It's been her dream job and she was very happy to see this day come! She said the day was hectic and crazy and exciting and that it went very well! I'm pretty much ridiculously proud of her!

That's pretty much it for today- super-exciting, right? I know it's these shining moments when I come to my blog to bitch about my allergies that keep you all reading, right? :-)

At any rate, how was your Monday? I hope it was great!!

OH! We do have news! PJ has two more teeth coming in! That will bring us to a whopping FIVE TEETH!!! Exciting stuff! ;-)

Good night!!

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Jenn said...

Yay Teeth! Boo Allergies! Is it sad that it's only Wednesday, and I can't remember what I did Monday?