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A Whole Lot of Random

There is only 15 minutes left and then this weekend will be over were only 15 minutes left of the weekend when I started this blog post, but then PJ woke up and needed his mama. For hours. Yawn.  I am now going to edit this post so it makes sense for a Monday morning.

This weekend was a cold one! I don't know why I'm always amazed by the way the winter tried to hold on, because it does that Every. Single. Year. We have a week or so of sunshiney, warm, water-ice type of weather and then BAM! Friggin' snow flurries. I hate it.

Pete just left on a fire call while I was blogging. Bah.

I did some grocery shopping with my oldest-bestest tonight last night. We were long, long overdue for some Brie-Randi time. Randi went back to work a few months ago after being home for almost two years following a lay-off. She's a very competent, capable woman and it's exciting to see her back in the workforce, but it means I see her much, much less. So we had a great time tonight, wandering around Wegmans while we gabbed and shopped.

My son turned 16 months yesterday on Saturday. Sixteen months old!!! How the hell did that happen??

It was really, really exciting for me to be a guest blogger at the Cloth Diaper Geek! Despite the barrage of verbal diarrhea you get from this blog, I really enjoy writing (especially about things I love like cloth diapers!) and it was fun for me to have the opportunity to share in a new forum! (By the way, Jen and Jenn, I love you two so much for leaving such nice comments!!!)

I. Will. Finish. Cleaning. Our. Bedroom. THIS. WEEK. Seriously.

My dad continues to be well as he recovers from his ("minor") heart attack. His follow-up went very well and soon enough he'll be back to playing baseball and going to his calculus class!

Some things PJ think are delicious: mangos, chicken, meatballs

Some other things PJ thinks are delicious: plastic hangers, my hair, his socks

Pete and I have a mile-long To-Do list that I am really hoping we can put a dent in before he goes back to work on Wednesday night. It starts with getting our taxes done (finally!) tomorrow today. I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a halfway decent refund. That year that it took Pete to find a nursing job took a huge chunk of (and by huge chunk I mean "all of") our savings. A good return would help use build some of that back up.

Coffee and toast is pretty much the perfect breakfast for a Monday morning. Especially when you are finishing a Sunday Night blog post.

Hope your week is a wonderful one, friends!!!


monika said...

Nice blog.

Jenn said...

PJ and Chuck would be best friends. Chuck also loves the sweet savory taste of socks, hangers, and my hair. Weirdos! I'm sick of the last cling to winter, but am thankful that I'm hating it from Texas and not Jersey. For us it's more "damn this 60 degree weather".