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So when it comes to the topic of weaning my son PJ, this is pretty much my attitude thus far:

In case you missed it, that's a cat covering it's ears. Add in me going "Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...I can't heeeeeeeeaaar yoooooooooouuuu..." and you have any conversation my husband and I have had about weaning PJ thus far. Verbatim.

PJ will be 16 months old by the end of this week. I've mentioned before that my original goal was to nurse him for a year and then see where we stood. A year and then some has passed and while PJ is not nursing at the same frequency he was, we still nurse about 3-4 times a day. On occasion though, there's been times he's just not interested, and I get the feeling that he will soon start to self-wean in ernest.

Although we set a vague date to wean PJ at 18 months, I am inclined to let him wean on his own completely. PJ sets his own demands for when and how long he wants to nurse and really, he always has. I breastfed on demand from the beginning so it's something we are all used to. In my little mama's heart, I am not ready to take the initiative to start the weaning process, so it seems to be a better fit for both of us to let PJ lead the way. For me, I feel like I don't want to take the option to nurse away from PJ before he's ready.

The thought of weaning PJ is very hard for me. For nearly 16 months we have nursed every single day. It's time that is only for PJ and I- nobody else can share him with me when he is nursing. He is my first baby and when he is weaned, that will be it. It will be the first chapter of our lives together that will come to a permanent close. I had never dreamed that nursing my son would be such an emotional journey. He might be ready to wean soon...

...but his mama isn't!


Jenn said...

When you put it that way, it makes it so sad. Now I'm going to have to nurse Chuck until he goes to college. He's my last baby and I'm not ready for him to grow up.

mryjhnsn said...

Yay you and I may just take a day of mourning when it is time to stop nursing!

Jen - LifeWithLevi said...

I love your attitude! It's tough to think about weaning. Levi and I don't have quite the same nursing bond, but the thought of not pumping for him anymore seems, well, lalallalalalalalala.

Thanks for linking up to the Breastfeeding Blog Hop this week!

Darcy said...

I had no idea just how special and emotional nursing would be either!

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you. Its such a special time and people who dont breastfeed dont understant. Even if they have done it in the past, it seems like its so much more when you are actually doing it. I know I am not ready yet. I am just trying to get him sleeping, then I will be set to BF as long as he wants.

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