Every single morning, after PJ and I have our breakfast, we retire to the living room. While PJ plays with his toys and runs off the energy he stored up sleeping all night, I sip my coffee and watch The Today Show. My watching partners have changed over time, but the routine has been the same for as long as I can remember.

So this was the scene when we learned that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away. Celebrities die every single year- how else would that montage they run at the Oscars always have a time slot? Still, the flash of violet across my television screen and the news that she was gone made my heart ache a little.

When I was younger, I adored Elizabeth Taylor. Of course I had seen National Velvet, and knew of her colorful lifestyle. To me, she was a movie star of the highest caliber- not a bombshell in a hot, Bridgette Bardot sense, but stunning in a way that made you think God was just a teeny bit unfair to the rest of us. Everyone is born with a nose, two eyes, lips and cheekbones. But her face. It was perfection.

Her stunning beauty aside, I was enamored with the glamour of Elizabeth Taylor. Those red lips against her dark, dark hair and perfect skin. The beautiful figure swathed in amazing clothes, and the fingers dripping with diamonds. It all seemed so effortless and easy. I didn't know anyone in real life who could even come close to measuring up to her glamour.

Or maybe I did...

Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop at Club Harlem in Atlantic City
It's been two years since my Mom-Mom has been gone, and I miss her every single day. She showed us how to be giving, to be hard-working, to be opinionated and to stand up for ourselves. Mom-Mom taught us to save some money from each paycheck and to moisturize our skin every night.

Mom-Mom taught us that, for a very few, that effortless glamor really does exist.

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