"Will you just yawn and say..."

My little family is back at home after a wonderful, relaxing weekend in the Pocanos! Pete is in the middle of a six-day stretch of days off and was jonesing to hit the ski slopes, so on Friday we packed up and made the drive during PJ's naptime- and he was even obliging enough to actually nap!

We spent the weekend lazing around the mountain house, skiing (Pete), and shopping (PJ and I!). I was on a bra misson and scored three new titslings! I also got new onesies for PJ- he's outgrown all of his undershirt-y ones! Not the most exciting shopping trip, but certainly a needed one!

We rode up to the Pocanos in my loaner car because mine was- and still is!- in the shop! The dealership service department was waiting for...some part that will fix the...something...either way, the car is still broken! It was kind of a nice treat because the loaner car has a much bigger trunk and slightly bigger cabin, so we cruised in style a Toyota Corolla.

Our non-exciting weekend away was followed up with a non-exciting Monday. It was a balmy nine degrees this morning (Nine. Friggin'. Degrees. Uch. ) so there was no way I was taking PJ anywhere! He seems like he might be teething and was a little cranky, so it was a good day to just hibernate inside! The kid is almost 14 months old and he has TWO TEETH! Needless to say, we're dying for a few more to pop through and hoping that his behavior indicates teeth!

So yes! Our lives are making for some prime blogging fodder right now, sure to excite the masses! Not that I mind- I think the boring, cozy times beat the exciting times any day!


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Jenn said...

Shopping for new bras always makes me happy. New socks are great too. Now actual clothes, forget about it.
My bigs were slow to get teeth too. I think Chuck will be the same way. He only as the bottom two at 8 months.
Enjoy your peaceful day at home. Maybe throw a dance party for you and PJ.