"Through the mirror of my mind..."

I've been drawing a blank the past few nights- I've found myself so tired and unmotivated, I just haven't had much to say. If you're someone that reads my blog with any kind of regularity (although God knows who would!) you know that I have moments like this. This week, it was easier to veg out in front of the television watching Jersey Shore (don't judge) then do anything else.

My weekend is going to be a pretty quiet one, spent with Pete and PJ! My big excitement is going to get a new nursing bra tomorrow! Oh, and mascara, since I just realized mine is a year old! Ewwwww... At any rate, Pete has the next five days off and it will be wonderful having him home so we can finally build the toybox we got for PJ from Ikea! to spend time together as a family!

I am hoping that I will be revitalized and get out of this "blah" mood that's settled over me! I hate when I feel all drawing-a-blank-y. I really love writing and using this blog as an outlet to do so, but sometimes I just have nothing to say. How much can I write about how fascinating PJ's faces/noises/movements/poops/hair/toes/etc are??? Well, I could write about it all day, but it would be mind-numbing for anyone who reads it!

And now, I am going to end this post, since it is full of nonsense, and head to bed!

Good. Night.

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