"A note on the table and a meal in the micro..."

It's a quiet Wednesday night here in New Jersey-Land. PJ is tucked into bed, the snow has stopped falling and now it's just plain old cold, and my husband is trying to play video games on his X-Box until his brains dribble out of his ears! True story.

Our day was equally as quiet as our evening; PJ and I stayed inside all day and admired the snow from the windows of our nice, warm apartment! That's mostly because he doesn't have snow pants {parenting fail}. Hopefully, I can somehow manage to procure a set so our Boy can play in the snow for the first time! Lack of snow play aside, our day was one filled with Sesame Street, snacks, giggles and snuggles!

Pete is finishing up a three-day stretch of time off, and having him home was lovely! PJ loves spending time with his Dada, and I can pee/shower/cook/check Twitter with greater ease then when it's just the babe and I alone! Oh, and I guess I like having Pete around, too! His schedule is kind of all over the place, but three days off in a row is good! Even better? Every 5 weeks or so he has six days off! Which pretty much makes up for the weirdness of his schedule any other time!

Other highlights of the day?
  • Making dinner and eating together as a family!
  • Pete finding a great deal on those stupid Vitamin Waters he loves to drink!
  • Listening to PJ giggle at...well, goodness knows what on earth he was giggling at, over his baby monitor after we tucked him in!
  • Building a piece of Ikea furniture (a little bookcase) and not crying, swearing, or threatening anybody's life
  • Dancing and singing to Barenaked Ladies while I cleaned up dinner!
  • Feeling all neat and productive and -dare I say it???- housewifey!
  • Having both of my Boys with me all day, safe and warm and happy!
Tomorrow, it's back to reality!

Hope your tomorrow is as wonderful as my today was!



Amber Mc said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect day!

Found you on the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!

Jenn said...

Ha! Your idea of the perfect day is about the same as mine. Except right now my bigs are dancing and singing to Pink while cleaning the dishes. Well, that and Bart's addiction is Gatorade and we almost never find a sale.