"It's the same old story, same old song and dance..."

Oh my gosh, the past few days have been the shittiest I have ever been through! They haven't been bad days, just shitty. Like, literal poop. Poor PJ has had diarrhea the past few days, poor thing! We're hoping it's running it's course, and I think PJ is too! He was in good spirits the first two days, but I can tell it's wiping him out!

Heh, heh. Wiping.


Waves of poo aside, it's been pretty damn boring around here! Which is fine, we have just been bundled up inside doing our best to avoid the cold! Our biggest project has been trying to catch up on laundry, which PJ's poop-splosions have not been helping conquer! I don't know how Pete, PJ and I create such massive piles of dirty clothes, it's unreal! Especially since I'm prone to staying in my pajamas for two days in a row! It's like the Duggars sneak in and make our clothes dirty, because surely two adults and a baby can't cause that much laundry damage!

The other mountain I have been trying to climb this past week, along with the laundry mountain, is the dietary one! I have been watching what I eat for a full week now, recording every bite I chew and staying within the caloric guidelines I set on LoseIt, which is a free app for the iTouch. I had thought about re-joing Weight Watchers but we just can't put out the money right now. LoseIt isn't as comprehensive as WW, but it's free and it does the job! I haven't been a perfect eater (turns out I can't be trusted with a sleeve of Ritz crackers...) but I am down two pounds, with many, many, many more to go. Thirty, to be exact. I'm sure the process would move a little faster if I added in some exercise, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully soon.

For now, I am going to exercise my arms as I fold and put away some laundry, so it will be off of our bed, allowing me to lie down on it.


Hope you all had a good Monday!


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Jenn said...

YAY!!!! 2 FREAKING POUNDS IS AWESOME!!! Just keep counting those calories. It sucks, but it's a whole lot cheaper than WW. The exercise is important too. Get your heart rate up for at least 10 minutes a day. You can do it!!!