"Here in my car I feel safest of all..."

So, I started this blog post yesterday evening. But, then PJ completely lost his mind and I was up with him for an hour and half, much of it spend snuggled on the couch watching the news. He Just. Would. Not. Sleep. By the time I got him back down it was after midnight and I had pretty much lost my will to live, so I forced myself to clean up and do the dishes (three weeks and haven't missed a night!) and then I went to bed. PJ, thankfully, slept through until morning! And the angels sang...

Today Yesterday was a rainy, cold, dreary Tuesday, but I spent every second of it in my pajamas! So, it was a wash.

This past Sunday I went to see my cousin Matthew, his adorable wife Colleen, and their sweet, smooshy, perfect new baby daughter Braelyn! She's 6 weeks old and simply stunning, and we had such a fun afternoon with them! PJ was not at all interested in the baby, he was more interested in chasing their two dogs around yelling "CACK! CACK! CACKCACKCACKCACK!". Everything furry to him is a cat, I guess since we have one and I always point her out to him! Whenever we tried to correct him ("DOG", PJ! It's a dog!"), he would look at us, yell "CACK!" back, and go back to what he was doing.

Weird baby.

Even though PJ is only 13 months, it seems like a thousand years ago that he was as tiny as beautiful Braelyn- it was like holding a very cute wisp of smoke! I could see the look on the faces of my cousin and his wife that only new parents wear; kind of confused, super-tired, and totally in love! It was awesome! Matt and I are a week apart in age and grew up together, and now almost exactly a year apart we've both become parents. We've moved on from one lifetime to the next and it is really, really exciting!

Today...blergh. It was one of those days that was full of extremes, wavering between completely wonderful and stressful enough to make me shit my pants. It was a Sybil kind of day. First, I couldn't find my wallet, but struck off for the coffee shop to meet a good friend anyway. I know. I drove sans licence. Dumb, but I really needed coffee. :-( We went and had a lovely time despite our mobile littles, and made plans to hang out later that night since both of our husbands were working this evening!

When I got into the car to head to the coffeehouse, I turned my key and saw the "Check Engine" light on. Mehhhhhhhhrghhphhhhh... Sometimes, it's a very simple thing, so I headed out to see if I could feel a difference in how the car drove. Right away, I could tell that my little car was struggling to shift into 1st and 2nd gear. Frig. When I got home from the coffee shop, I made a service appointment right away. The only problem? I knew that if my car would be in the shop for more then just a few hours, I would need a rental/loaner car. And if I needed that, I would need to show my drivers licence. Which meant I needed to find my damn wallet!

I was completely annoyed that I couldn't find it- the apartment is the neatest it's ever been and I was still  losing things! I tore the place up looking for it (which is a mess I will clean up as soon as I am done this post!) and had no luck. Where was it? In my car, in a little nook on my dashboard that I never put things into. The culprit? Pete, who had tucked it there after getting my debit card out when we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on the way to my cousins the other day! FARK!

IlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusband...annnnnnnnnd repeat....

 PJ went down for his nap and off I went to the Toyota dealership. I checked in at the service desk and explained what the problem was. The very nice woman who waited on me checked out my info and looked into my warranty coverage. I had purchased the extended warranty when I bought my car (Who knew!) but there was the possibility that whatever was wrong might not be covered. They would run some diagnostic tests to figure out what it was, and if the problem wasn't covered, then the test itself would cost over $100- and that is before they fixed the problem, which would possibly be another huge repair bill! If the problem was covered, the test and repair would be free. So, could I just wait in the waiting area and they would let me know in about 45 minutes?

I sat for what stretched into an hour and a half, slowly losing my mind. Thankfully, the dealership had free wireless, so I was Tweeting my frustrations and worry. A bill car repair bill is going to kill us right now! What is taking so long? I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to poop!.

Thank GOD the repair is covered under my warranty! I was able to get a loaner car at no charge and the repair will be done within the next few days. I was almost tearful with relief! Even better, I got to share my relief over pizza with Michelle while we watched our children bounce off the walls!

Now, PJ is tucked into bed, I consumed the other half of my yummy bagel leftover from the coffee shop this morning, and there's a gigantic "I've been looking for my wallet" mess to clean up!

So, I bid you good night!


Jenn said...

So happy that your car is covered! I hate dealerships, and completely understand the "I'm gonna poop my pants" feeling. Congrats on the new little cousin and on keeping your dishes clean!!

Sheena said...

Ah, I had one of those "things aren't going so right" days today. I'm glad to hear yours ended well and I'm not the only one who has days like that!