"Don't ever look back, don't ever look back!"

Hi! Remember me? I haven't been around because my ass has been in bed by 9:30pm the past two nights!

Seriously. A few nights of two-hour, middle-of-the-night parties with PJ had me completely exhausted! Thankfully, he has been sleeping very well the past two nights which allowed me to recharge a bit! For someone who usually gets to bed around midnight, the extra sleep was much needed!

Somehow, even in my sleep-deprived haze, I managed to learn a few lessons over the past few days! Amazing, right? But it happened.

The first is that I am trying to eat better. It's a change that I truly need to make. So, what do I have for dinner on Monday night? A burger with onion straws on it. Deeeeee-lish! The next morning? I had a terribly upset stomach and onion straw burps that were nauseating me! One lesson learned. I don't think I'll be junk food-ing for a bit. My belly still is not quite right!

Thank goodness for wonderful friends who send me text messages inviting PJ and I over for some lunch and fun, braving my onion burps and PJ's stinky dipes! There's nothing like the companionship of a good friend to help you feel like a normal person again! That and a nice steamy cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee! Mmmm....

That night, I was still feeling the effects of my Burger Blunder and was ready to go to sleep! Even thought I was tempted to skip it, I made sure I straightened up the living room and bathroom. I have been making an effort to keep things neat around here and had a fairly good streak going, so onion nausea aside, I didn't want to slack off. After I finished the living room and bathroom, I headed for the kitchen, ready to do any dishes that were in the sink and straighten up any mess. When I got there, the most wonderful sight was before me...

Since I had also been making an effort to clean as the day goes along, There was no mess! Since we had eaten out (thanks to an Applebees gift card!) and I had cleaned up after PJ's lunch, I had a bright, shinny kitchen and I could head right to bed! It was like the angels sang!

Second lesson learned.

It's good for me to have tangible evidence of why I should stick to my resolutions! It all sounds good in theory, but when you see the rewards of sticking to them or the consequences of not, at least in my case, it really helps me adjust my actions!

More cleaning, less onion straw!

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Jenn said...

Isn't it great how little things (okay, really huge things) like a clean kitchen can just change your outlook on life. Keep up the good work!!!