"Well, how was I to know there was a party going on?"

Here we go!

All about PJ's 1st Birthday
Pajama Jammy Jam!

This past Saturday we had our big "Family and Friends" celebration of PJ's 1st Birthday! We are blessed to have a large number of both friends and family, so we were surrounded by love and sharing the joy of PJ's 1st year!

I had so much fun making the invites! Actually, okay, it got to be a huge pain, LOL! There were alot of them to go out and they each had lots of little pieces that needed to be put together! So it was a bit tedious, but totally worth it to have handmade invites that featured a paper-doll version of my cute blonde boy in footie pajamas! The insides instructed our guests to get out their favorite pajamas and be ready to bust a move!

Please note the baby
hiding his face!
And, you've figured it out, right? Pajama party? PJ's? The birthday boy is PJ? Ha! You know I have been planning that corny-ness pretty much from the second we found out it was a boy and we were naming him Peter Joseph! I had been dreaming about this party for months!! Mama, Dada, and Birthday Boy even wore totally nerdy super-cute matching pajamas!

Not the face of a happy Boy!
What I didn't count on? The birthday boy getting a yucky virus a few days before the party! He was fever-free the day of the party, but was still just so worn out and miserable! PJ, who is usually friendly, smiley, and silly, only wanted his Mama, and anyone who tried to get near him got a one-armed shove while he buried his face in my shoulder! It really was so sad for him! Thankfully, he's one, so it's not like he's going to remember! I'm just going to hide the pictures where he looks sad and tell him he had a blast! :-)

Even thought the poor Birthday Baby had a terrible time, the guests seemed to have a bast! There were many, many pajama-ed children flying about, dancing to the music (Teen Nick stars = Elton John for the born-in-the-2000's set!), wearing glow jewelry, blowing bubbles, and helping themselves to Froot Loops, Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms, and other yummy breakfast treats from the cereal bar! Between the cereal, the candy, the cake, and the soda, these kids were about 20 miles high on sugar! I am not 100% sure all of their parents are still talking to me! :-)

The grown-ups seemed to be content to sit at the blue, yellow, and white draped tables, chatting and perusing the photo albums filled with pictures of PJ that were out (self-indulgent much, Brie???). There was lots of yummy, comforty, good-to-eat-in-pajamas food like meatballs, baked ziti, and pizza! Pete and I had a ton of help with the food and we were so thankful for it!

My awesome sister Marla was nice enough to gift us with PJ's birthday cake (that we was too miserable to taste, poor baby!). The cake was amazing! Made by Sweet Treats by Jen, it was based on the invitations, and the attention to detail was so cool! The squares on the sides matched the pattern on the pajamas the paper-doll-PJ was wearing on the invite! A little Elmo- a PJ favorite- was clutched in the cake PJ's hand, and an open butt-flap revealed some PJ hiney!! The kids, for reasons still completely a mystery to me, kept fighting over who was going to get the slice with PJ's butt hanging out! And how cool is this- the cake is even on the Sweet Treats by Jen website! PJ's fondant butt-crack is famous!!!

Aside from all of that? The party pretty much looked like this:

...and this...

...and a lot like this...

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Jenn said...

Love, love, love this party idea!!! You guys are so cute in your matching pjs with PJ! I don't know how you managed to put all of those cute invites together. I would have made maybe 3 and then ran for CVS. Awesome!!!