"So how can I help but to shout and rejoice?"

I can't believe it's already Friday night- this week went by so fast! But here we are, PJ tucked into his bed and a Jersey Shore marathon on the TV for Mama!

Don't judge.

We had a fun Friday that started with a quick trip to the Garden State Discovery Museum with our buddies, followed by a nice, long afternoon nap for Mama, Dada, and Baby Boy! Family naps are wonderful! After that, it was off to Applebees with PJ to meet up with my sister Marla! Applebees is our favorite haunt- it's even where we were when I told Marla I was pregnant with PJ! A friend of hers works there (going to the Deptford Applebees? Ask for Brian S.!) and we always sit at one of his tables, so it's always a good time!

There is less then a month left in 2010 but so much still to do- PJ's big birthday party, parties for friends, my sisterIL Shelly's birthday and pollyanna party, and of course, Christmas and New Years Eve! Last year, PJ was a teeny, brand-new newborn and I was kind of spazzed out during the holidays! Keeping the Newborn Alive kind of blotted out any other holiday activity for me! This year, I can watch PJ react to his cousins and family, actually enjoy his gifts (last year I insisted he have wrapped gifts and really? He didn't give two shits. He just started at us like he still wasn't sure who we were!) and not be a nervous freak Nelly when people want to hold him!

I want to enjoy every single second of this holiday season, because when it's over it means that my first full year as a first-time mother is coming to an end! It's been the most amazing time of my life and I want to savor this last bit before our new adventures begin!

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Jenn said...

How exciting! This Christmas is going t be so awesome! When they're this little, it's so neat to see the excitement in their eyes for everything from the lights on the tree to the cool sound the tearing wrapping paper makes to how cool the box that the super expensive gift that they don't really care about can double as a helmet and spaceship. Enjoy it!!