"Just what God needs, one more victim..."

So, I've put the bat down and have decided to stop beating myself up over yesterdays debacle when I was locked out of the apartment. Although it doesn't make me feel better about making such a stupid mistake, I know I am part of a very large club of mama's who have made similar ones. All you can do is pick yourself up, try to remind yourself that you are, indeed, capable of raising your child, kiss your baby and move on!

Besides, my sister reassured me that even though I managed to lock myself out of my apartment with my sleeping baby inside that I'm still a better mama then Britney Spears during her lower points.

Um. Thanks?

After sleeping off the effects of yesterday (having brought PJ to sleep with me around 4am when he woke up and seemed like he was gearing up for another two-hour awake-fest) we all were together as a family this morning since Pete is off until Friday! We took PJ for his flu shot (he took it like a champ, he's such an awesome baby!) and spent the rest of the day at home relaxing, which was wonderful! PJ took a great afternoon nap and I got the chance to catch up on some housework! After dinner, Pete took the evening shift with PJ so I could spend some time making fruit and veggie purees so I can make these cool-looking pancakes for PJ! I have been looking for ways to get things like spinach and other veggies into him. He totally refuses pureed foods but can't really chew spinach leaves with his gums, so I am hoping this trick will work nicely!

And just for the record, while pureed beets are superduperpretty, they smell like ass.

After a bedtime story from both Mama and Dada, and a false start in which he threw his paci's out of the bed and started jumping up and down, PJ is tucked into bed and sound asleep. Pete and I are continuing the relative peace of the day and have been relaxing and soon, it will be off to bed ourselves.

Good night!

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