"I've simply gotta march my heart's a drummer!"


...am feeling so content after a full day of friends and family in my little apartment! It feels so cozy to have people you love in the place that you live!

...managed to get a lot done today, thanks to the amazing mothers-helper-ly assistance of my niece Gabby! She's the oldest of PJ's 13 cousins and did an awesome job today!

...really, really, really need to get PJ's birthday invites done!

...can't wait to sleep on my clean, crisp, Dreft-y sheets tonight! Ahhhh....

...am so happy that Pete has the day off tomorrow so we can have some family time!

...was looking at pictures of a very tiny Ezra and PJ and it seriously made my heart ache and sing at the same time! How did our boys get so big so fast?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

...can't figure out how to get PJ's hair to stay up in spikes or a mohawk. Someone suggested hair wax and I think that might be the ticket. Plus, it doesn't have alcohol!

...is super-excited that Marla got a Cricut and can't wait to have a frenzy of sisterly crafting!

...is thinking of my cousin Matt and his sweet wife Colleen, who very soon will have a beautiful little girl to make them three!

...is having one of those days when my heart feels full and life seems pretty good.

...hopes you're feeling the same!

Good night!