"But you're so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine..."

November 26th, 2010

My dear, sweet Peter Joseph,

We can't believe this day is here- you are ONE YEAR OLD!

A few minutes old
 This year has been the most amazing time of our lives! Your Dada and I were so surprised when we learned that you were going to be arriving, but it was the sweetest surprise we have ever known and one that we needed more then anything!

I knew pretty early on in my pregnancy that you were going to be a boy- I just felt  it in my heart! The ultrasound wasn't a surprise to me, but oh, hearing the official declaration that we were having a son was so wonderful, so overwhelming, so joyous! I carried my ultrasound pictures with my everywhere (still do!) and would wonder what those teeny hands, feet, and face were going to look like!

The night you were born was a whirlwind- at 8pm Thanksgiving Eve, I felt fine. At 9pm, I sat down to eat dinner (chicken and rice) and watch Glee! And by 10:30pm, I was calling Dada to take me to the hospital! Just a few hours later, you were in my arms- two and a half weeks early, blonde, and perfect.

In a year, you have gone from the 6 pounds (5th percentile) you entered the world with to over twenty!  You are soooooo tall, 19 inches at birth (15th percentile) to  30.5 inches at your 1 year check (75th percentile). You were so tiny and fragile when you were born, and now you are so strong and solid! You skipped right over 12 month sizes and have moved on to 18 month! Thankfully, you have lots of friend who could take the cute 12 month sized clothing Mama had stockpiled for you!

One Month Old
I think the biggest change we have seen in the last few months is the development of your personality! You were so serious during your first few months, and then you saved your sweet smiles for Mama and Dada later. Now? You're just funny! You can sometimes start out shy with others, hiding your face in my neck when you first see a crowd, but once you warm up, you become a little star- clapping, waving, smiling, and laughing! You think it's hysterical to pretend to cough, giving a little "hackhackhack" and then laughing your head off! You also think it's funny to pick your nose when we tell you "No pick!"! Your squeals of delight when you are happy make me laugh, and your "happy growl" makes me downright hysterical! You are a ball of sweet, energetic sunshine and you make us so happy!

Two Months Old
PJ, you are very, very stubborn and I can't imagine where you get that from {ahem...}. I have seen you spend 5 minutes trying to work on something you are trying to do- usually, it's something you're not supposed to be doing, like getting to the camera when I've placed it out of your reach! It's usually not until your Dada and I are able to distract you with something else that we can get you to forget about whatever it is you want! Your determination amazes me, and I just hope that as you get older it not only stays with you, but that you use it for good and not evil!

You are soooo close to walking- you will take a step or two but then go right to crawling! I think you can do it, you're just not feeling brave enough yet! In the meantime, you can cruise, roll, crawl and wiggle like the wind! Put you down and you can be across the room (and into something!) in a flash! You figured out that if you push something like a toy, a box, a pillow, etc, up to the couch you can just climb right up! This morning at the coffee shop you climbed up a high chair!

PJ, you are lucky enough to be surrounded by an outstanding group of friend and family, all of whom love you very, very much! Your Nan and Pop, Bubbie and Zayda, aunts, uncles and cousins all adore you, and you seem to love them, too, lighting up whenever they are around! There are always friends to play with and fun things to do, and it makes us so happy to know your life is so full love love, friendship and happiness, even at such a young age! I hope more then anything that this follows you throughout your life! 

This year has been the most amazing, wonderful, tiring, crazy experience of my whole life! I can hardly remember what life was like before you were here! My heart is so full of you, where there used to be so many holes. I still (and always will) miss the people who are gone from my life, and will always be sad that they didn't get to be a part of yours. But from the moment I learned that you were on your way to me, I was able to remember that life is good, it's worth living, and that it's always possible to love with your whole heart.

You taught me all of those lessons, and you only have two teeth! ;-)

Sweet Baby Boy, we love you with all of our hearts! You are a gift- the best gift! Your Mama and Dada love you all the way to the moon and back! You ARE, without a doubt, the very best Boy-Boy in the whole world!


With love,
Mama and Dada

One Year Old behind the wheel!!


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Jenn said...

You taught me all of those lessons, and you only have two teeth! ;-)

I LOVE this line! Congratulations on surviving the first year!