"But then I just smile, I go ahead and smile..."

Today made me smile!

It started off with some mama chat with dear friends, drinking coffee, watching the littles play, and enjoying each other's company!

While I was there, I found out that my cousinIL Jen's husband is home on leave from Afghanistan! I had just been chatting about what an amazing job she does with her husband gone so much of the time when Pete called with the exciting news!

When I got home, PJ napped and I hopped on Facebook. I love Facebook! I admit it! It's a drug, and I'm addicted! And today, I found out that another cousinIL, the amazing, outrageous Heather, is having a little boy!

We went out to dinner, just our little family, and ran into some friends just finishing theirs! PJ started clapping furiously when he saw his friend Ezra! Dinner was yummy, PJ ate like a horse and behaved like an angel, and a number of people stopped to admire our sweet boy!

With the babe tucked into bed and Pete relaxing in front of TV, I hopped back onto Facebook to discover that a friend is pregnant after a long journey to get there! My heart is so full of happiness for her and her husband!

Now, I've packed Pete's lunch and tucked a note in with it. PJ's sleeping, the cat's been fed. It's chilly, quiet, and smacks of bedtime!

So, off to bed I go!

Good night!

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