"Yes, I know what you think of me, you never shut up..."

(this is a long one.)

Woo! Two days in a row of Tori Amos! Can you tell I'm moody???

(by the way, her album Little Earthquakes is one of my all-time faves. every song is right on point for me. it's one of those perfect albums.)

Anyway, it's Friday and the end of what has been an uneventful week for us! PJ and I were both sick for most of it, so there was a lot of pajama-wearing, Sesame-watching, boogie-dripping, cough-cough-coughing for me and my sweet one! I just flat out had a cold, but I am wondering if PJ's malaise wasn't due to something else- mainly, the two bottom teeth I see coming in! Finally! It's teeth for sure this time, I can see them coming and they feel sharp when he noms on my hands! I am hoping by his 11-month birthday they will be here!

For now thought, it's (finally!) time to rewind to his 10-month birthday, which was the day of his baby naming! It was cloudy and cool- perfect weather for having a bunch of people over!!! PJ looked sooooo cute in his outfit, especially his teeny yarmulke that my parents brought him back from Israel (stay tuned for a pic of him in said outfit!). The ceremony, performed by the very sweet, gracious, and warm Cantor Marlena Taenzer, was lovely! Prayers and readings were read my PJ's grandparents and his newly-appointed godparents, my sister Marla and my cousin Matthew! Cantor Marlena's beautiful voice made the Jewish prayers, sung in Hebrew, even more moving and special. The best part? Officially giving PJ his Hebrew name, Gedalliah Aron ( I'll post the full story of his Hebrew name sometime soon). He's named for my grandmother Anne, my Uncle Gary, and my brother-in-law, Greg. We presented PJ with a scrapbook, filled with pictures of them an stories about what they were like and why we wanted to honor them by giving our son the name we chose. Later that afternoon, the book got passed around, and I know for everyone, Mom-Mom, Uncle Gary, and Greg were right there with us.

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed eating the absolute ton of food that there was to offer (with much thanks to my Mom and Dad, who were kind enough to not only provide the food, but indulge their oldest daughter..ahem, me...with the amazingly delicious Ben & Irv's )! There was lox, kippered salmon, whitefish salad, and sable surrounded by masses of fresh tomato, onion and cucumber and just waiting to be placed on top of a bagel spread thick with cream cheese! YUM!!! There was even plenty for the non-fish eaters! My Aunt Sandi even spoiled me rotten by bringing a tray of her string bean casserole, my fave!! And the desserts! Brownies made my my sister-in-law Shelly, cookies made by Pete's Aunt Barb, a delicious cake supplied by my parents-in-law, and super-duper cute Star of David cookies made by Pete's cousin  Jen! Everyone we love gave a little bit of themselves and it was wonderful! We even
got to spend time with some family that we really didn't get to know until very recently, via Facebook of all things! It was SO nice of them to come, to meet PJ and bring our family together again!

My sister Marla and her husband Steve were psychotic generous enough to host the shindig, and the house was the perfect place! Everyone enjoyed the graciousness of their beautiful home and even the large number of people were able to enjoy the day and be comfortable! I'm so, so proud of her that she is able to be the owner of such a gorgeous home, and that she was willing to let it be filled with so many people to honor her nephew/godson!

The day was amazing- more then I could dream of and more! Pete and I continue to be amazed and astounded at how many people love our sweet, blonde Boy! What a blessing for my son to be surrounded by so much joy! He is a lucky, lucky little one- and we are lucky parents!


So, our day-to-day lives have been far less exciting then the day of PJ's naming! PJ is still loving his swim lessons (thanks, Randi!) and we still have coffee dates with our coffee favorites! Pete started his new job as a registered nurse! He's in his third week now and has completed all of the HR-ish stuff and is now on the floor working regular 12-hour shifts! I think that getting up early has been a rude awakening for him, but he seems to be enjoying getting his feet wet as a nurse and really, is just so happy that his...ahem, extended job hunt is finally over! He wears his personality now in a way I haven't seen in a long time, which is not weighted down with the stress of looking for a job and dealing with disappointment after disappointment. He comes home exhausted, but feeling good about himself, which is worth more to me then that first paycheck! And the perks! For one thing, I can finally tell Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NJ that they can kiss my ass since we will have new insurance as of November 1st!

I really hate Horizon.

That aside, things have a sweet feeling nowadays. We're still getting used to this new schedule and new way of being- and we will have to allover again when Pete switches to night shifts! Newness aside, I can tell Pete is happy!

There is only one fly in our ointment, and it's not one that I am sure we are ever going to be able to swat- at least, not until the advent of some Back to the Future-type items (hover chair, anyone?). All we can do is the best we can, and hope that our dream of our own home comes sooner rather then later!

And that's life lately.


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