"A new, fantastic point of view..."

Dear PJ,

Just a few days ago you turned 10 months old, and your Mama does not know where the time could have gone!

You are now thisclose to your first birthday, and we are having so much fun planning your party! And as it turns out, your 10 month birthday was an extra-special day outside of your "anniversary" as it was the day you received your Hebrew name, Gedaliah Aron. I will tell more about the story of how we chose your name, but know that we hope you always carry the strength, grace, kindness and generosity of those you were named for!

You continue to change at a rate that is leaving us breathless! You are suddenly so tall, having shot up since your last doctors visit! All of the cute 6-12 month clothes I picked for you are going to have to swathe some other baby, because you have outgrown most of them before you even got to wear them! You have lost much of the baby roundness you had and are really starting to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out- a trait you clearly do not get from your Mama, who is both sort and round! I look at you and see flashes of a big boy, and it somehow makes my heart sing and makes my heart break at the same time!

You're a man on the move, buddy! You love to climb the gate we have around the TV stand, cruise along the furniture, squirm while we change your diapers, bounce while we get you dressed! The funniest thing ever is when you crawl towards something you are not supposed to and then stop juuuuust short of reaching it when you hear us say "No!".

We have been having so many adventures together, like swim lessons, story hours, park trips and walks! Swim class is a favorite! You love the water and are so brave! You splash, smile and kick the whole time! At story hour, you sit sweetly and listen to the story, and you always get so excited when you see other children! An afternoon at the playground with your friends is another favorite!

PJ, you are also a hungry baby! You may not have any teeth yet (And really. What is up with the no teeth thing?) but you have no problem putting away anything I put in front of you! Potato, meatballs, chicken, veggies, yogurt, cheese, whole grain bagels, and your recent nomnomnomnom of scrambled egg yolk! You devour cantaloupe, blueberries, grapes, banana, and apple, and wait patiently while your Mama cuts them into ninetyjillion pieces!

Your personality shows more each day! You are a smiling sweetie, and happy to see everyone! But you can also be stubborn and show your temper! You are always happy to see your friends, your cousins, your family! I love that the people in your life make you so happy, and I hope that you are always so lucky!

Peter Joseph, this has been the best ten months of our lives, and we know that the best is yet to come! You make us so happy every single day, baby Boy, and we are so thankful for you! You are the BEST Boy-Boy in the whole world, and your Mama and Daddy love you so much!

With love,
Mama and Daddy

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