"Let your eyes sparkle and shine..."

Dear PJ,

Aunt Marla took this picture
of you today!
You are 11 months old today! It's so hard to believe you are thisclose to being a 1-year-old boy!

The biggest change this month is the appearance of two teeeeny little bottom teeth! You hung onto that gummy, sweet smile much longer then all of your friends, but some cute, sharp little teeth have poked their way out! To your Mama, it's bittersweet- seeing those teeth just tickle me right down to my soul, but I also know that it's the end of your "baby" face and the beginning of your "little boy" face! My heart is filled with joy to see your bright, alert, observant child face, but oh! How I will miss that squishy little baby face!

(aaaaaaand cue the tears!)

You are what they call an "Active Baby"! If you're not asleep or strapped into your high chair, you are allllllll over the place! You love to crawl all over the place, and you are no 'fraidy cat! You're just as comfortable getting around the coffee shop, Nan and Pop's, Bubbe and Zaida's, or any other of of friends and family's houses as you are your own! If you see a dog or cat, you just HAVE to chase them until they let you pet them! You love people and will go to anyone who offers you a friendly smile and a leg to pull up on! You're climbing, crawling, jumping, rolling, stretching, wiggling and squirming!

PJ, you have the funniest personality! You make your Mama and Dada laugh so hard sometimes! I have a feeling that smile of yours will be a key component in your arsenal of Things That Will Keep You From Getting Into Trouble! You smile at everyone! And your "happy growl"? Oh, my goodness, I have never heard anything like it! We have no idea where that comes from, but we sure know when you're happy! "Grrrrrrrrrrrr!"

(flip flops make you happy)

We love you so much, Peter Joseph! Each stage of your life brings us more joy then the next! While your Mama may sometimes ache for the little baby I held a little over a year ago, seeing you grow is the most honorable privilege I have ever known! You will always be the very best Boy-Boy in the whole world!

Keep on grown'! ONE is right around the corner!

We love you!

Mama and Dada


Jersey Shore!!

At the playground!

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myuncensoredlife said...

That little growl is the cutest thing ever! It took me a minute to realize that it is actually him making that sound....how does he do that? haha