"But then again, it feels like some sort of inspiration..."

I love when Monday's turn out well! Of course, as a stay-at-home mom, there's no real reason that Monday's should suck for me anymore, but there's just something about a Monday that can make you feel all blergh. Thankfully, today has been full of awesome thus far! PJ's next-to-the-last swim lesson, a lovely pre-lunch walk with my little family, and now the pearly coolness of impending rain while my sweet boy naps!


All of this comes on the heels of an awesome weekend! It started on Thursday with PJ's first official haircut! It was WAY overdue- he was looking like the baby of Justin Bieber and Gary Busey with that shaggy-shagfest going on! PJ was great and the lady who did the cut was awesome! She just plugged away no matter which way PJ turned his head, so we ended up with a smart, handsome looking guy in about four minutes! I didn't even have time to cry!! The stylist could not believe how thick PJ's hair is- thank goodness he takes after his Dada in that regard!

On Saturday afternoon my mother-in-law was sweet enough to gift PJ with a new pair of shoes! He got an adorable pair of See Kai Run sneakers! PJ got a kick out of having his feet scanned to measure his size! I was very impressed with the staff member at Olly Kids that worked with us- he was very knowledgeable about PJ's shoe needs and was very sweet and patient! We also had PJ's pictures done that morning thanks to a great coupon for The Picture People (click to see the pics!!)- they will be sent out with the thank you notes for his naming!

That night, PJ and Dada got to have a Boy's Night In and Mama got to go out! My sisterIL Shelly and my cousinIL Jen went out to The Melting Pot to celebrate Jen's birthday! MMmmmmm....oh, my goodness! The drinks! The food! The DESSERT!!!! Ooohhhhh, the dessert! So, so yummy! I pretty much died and went to food heaven (where you get to dip CHEESECAKE in melted chocolate!)! I didn't managed to get a picture of all three of us, I'll steal one from either Shel or Jen later, you'll have to settle for this picture of Shelly and I! Either way, we had a blast! We ate, chatted, and laughed our heads up all night- can't ask for a better evening out then that! The only bad part was getting home to my cranky husband since the Phillies lost (boo).

On Sunday PJ and I had a quiet day together since Pete had to work. My parents, Marla, and her husband Steve came over for a pasta and meatballs dinner! Poor Marla couldn't eat much since her face was still terribly swollen from having her wisdom teeth taken out, but we all had a good time hanging out and playing with PJ! We watched video of him at his swim lessons!

It was a wonderful, fun weekend followed up with a great start to a new week! There's pretty much nothing else anyone could ask for (ahemhoverhighchair)! It makes me so happy to know that I am blessed with such great friends and family and that, even better, so is my son!

Yay! :-)

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