"Summer's never looked the same..."

Sigh, it's back to reality as my husband is out laboring on Labor Day!

It was such a sweet weekend with my little family! Pete had the weekend off, so we got to spend some much-needed family time together with our Boy and with each other! The weather cooperated by being cool and lovely- the perfect accompaniment to the playground, walks, and time spent each pizza with family on the back deck.

Last night, I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. It was bliss.

But, today was a bit warmer, and tonight, Pete had to go back to work. Boo. Tomorrow is going to be downright hot while so many of my friends will are kissing their littles goodbye and sending them off to the first day of school! Selfish me is so happy that I have a few years before that day comes for PJ! I still like having him all to myself!

Still, I think I will practice getting a good nights sleep on a school night and head off to bed! This is the official start of September!

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