"I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee..."

It's hot out again. Blergh. I am so, so ready for fall! Despite the heat, however, today turned out to be a lovely day and allowed me to take a break from all of the stress we've been under lately!

(and seriously? it's stress with a capital "S". stressstressstress. and it sucks.)

A sweet friend who had moved away was back in NJ, so we had a coffeehouse reunion of sorts to welcome her back for a bit! The kids played and the mama's chatted, and I had a delicious hummus melt and and even more delicious mint mocha iced coffee with loads of whipped cream! It was an easy afternoon of friendship and just what the doctor ordered! Plus, PJ was a total stud and managed to steal a kiss from a certain young hottie (ahemAmelie) he's good friends with! :-)

It was a lovely start to a month that I am hoping will be full of change for us. PJ is already on board- he's changing so fast I can hardly keep up! His Mama and Daddy need to hop on the train with him! At this point, all of the praying we have been doing is not enough. I feel like it's time we became more proactive in other parts of our lives and if we do, we will invite some more positive change in! Or, here's hoping, anyway.

For now, it's a relaxing night here. PJ is asleep sideways in his crib and all's right in the world.


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