"Ain't-a that good news!"

Ooooohhhhhhh my goodness. Sooooooooo much to talk about!!!

I have been avoiding my blog like the plague because I had a sort-of secret. And since I couldn't talk about it in detail, I just avoided talking all together, because it would have just been me dancing around the things I really wanted to talk about! And what I wanted to talk about was that

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We are so amazingly happy- it was a long, hard, frustrating job search for Pete and it was hard to see him feel so defeated as each day went by without any bites on his resume. Like I mentioned before, he wasn't alone, either. Lots of nursing school grads are having a tough time finding positions in what used to be an extremely in-demand field. But about two weeks ago, an offer was made to Pete and yesterday, the offer became official. Which means I can officially babble about it to my hearts content! I couldn't before that because, you know. That's jinxy.

During my self-imposed exile from blogging, there were so many other happenings, but the tales of them will have to wait for another night, since I am tired and ready for bed!