"This is how we do it, it's Friday night..."

I am resisting the urge to go stare at PJ while he sleeps, since he has just started sleeping on his tummy like a big boy! It's seriously the cutest thing ever! But that would be totally stalker-ish.

Instead, what I should be doing is tacking the pile of dishes in the sink, the residual effects of having my sister Marla, her husband Steve, and my Mom over for dinner! Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, and since I am totally poor right now, I thought I would make everyone dinner! I used a very sophisticated recipe from inside of a box of Philly Cream Cheese (it was pretty much just some cream cheese stirred into a jar of sauce and ground beef over pasta) that actually managed to taste pretty good!

PJ had a fabulous day! It was wonderful! His diaper rash is completely gone and since he doesn't need any more topical medications, he cute little tush was back in his cloth diapers today! I am sure it felt good to have soft cloth against his skin. Or at the very least, it made me happy to see his cute little hiney swathed in an array of cute colors and soft soft cloth!

On that subject, I am actually shocked I stuck with cloth diapering, but I love it! We don't do it 100% of the time (when we're out and at night, PJ's in disposables) but I am always happier to have him in cloth, and PJ seems to be more comfortable, too!

So now, with my family gone, Pete at work, and PJ tucked into bed, it's a little bit lonely. Thank goodness that "Jersey Shore" is on to keep me company! :-)

Or maybe I should do the dishes.

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