"That's why we pray! Praaaaaaaaaay..."

Oh friends.

It seems like a few doors have opened up in Pete's quest for a nursing job (the quest which has officially been going on for a full year now.

Please, please, after you get done praying for the super-important stuff, just slip one in for us.

It would be super-appreciated.

...and if you're really feeling ambitious, please pray for PJ to acquire the skill of getting back down after he pulls up in his crib. Because he hasn't quite mastered that skill yet, so he pulls up, gets stuck there and cries pitifully until we rescue him!

Thank you for your support.

(hee, hee..."thank you for your support reminded me of this! i'm so weird!)


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Shelly said...

ooooo doors = good! woot! and praying as always!