"Say, say, say what you want..."

Life is full of weirdness right now.

Even my sweet Boy is making weird faces.

This picture makes me laugh.
We just need so badly to catch a break, and in the meantime, it's hard to keep my mind on anything besides taking care of PJ. Seriously, I'm down to updating my Facebook status once a day because I just have nothing to say. Once. A. Day. That's saying something about my state of mind when updating people on the minutiae of my life doesn't hold any lure for me. Usually, I need the world to know that PJ just took a bath, poop, or otherwise. ;-) Either way, thank goodness I have PJ to keep me here on the ground because otherwise, I feel like I could just float away.

We just need things to take a nice turn for us, and it will all be okay.

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Shelly said...

i love you!
if you need anything at all in the whole land that i can do/get/find for you just let me know.
unfortunately i'm plumb out of nursing jobs because i would totally get one for ya'll if i could.