"The more I live, the more I know, what's simple is true..."

It is an absolutely gorgeous night out! There is an wonderful, cool breeze blowing, the air smells so good, and the temperature is just right. It's one of those nights that reminds you that it's August already and fall is truly just around the corner! It's amazing the way time is just slipping by!

The day, thankfully, was just as lovely as tonight! Tuesday's are like our Sunday, since Pete is off from work Monday and Tuesday. Since he had fireman meetings on Mondays, Tuesdays are our only day of the week that we can devote to each other. We spent a relaxing morning playing with PJ, and then I took him to visit with Pete's cousin Jen and her five kids! They are back in the area while her husband Eric is deployed to Afghanistan (Boo.) and while it sucks having Eric gone, it's alot of fun having Jen and the kids close by! Those kids are a riot and so full of life, and I am so happy that for now, all of PJ's cousins are close by!

We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoyed a visit from Pete's friend Mike, who not only graced us with his company but fixed the ceiling fan in PJ's room! Mike could be a male model- he's very tall, with a slender build and very striking features- but thankfully, for PJ's fan, anyway, he's an electrician!

Later in the evening, we stopped by Pete's parents for dinner! Pete's brother Carl was there with his four, so it was a full house! PJ, as always, was so happy to see his cousins! The triplets are just amazing me with how much they have grown and matured, seemingly overnight! They are so funny and sassy and bright, and I'm so happy that PJ has such shining stars to look up to! We ate outside, and as the lovely evening started to set in, we all enjoyed each others company along with the delicious food!

After that it was home, bath, story, snuggles, and bedtime for our sweet Boy! I am sitting by the window blogging and Pete is engrossed in some (dumb) game on his X-Box. It's that comfortable feeling,when just enjoying the nearness of the one you love is good.

The night is beautiful, our son is healthy, healing, and wonderful, and we all always have each other. It makes all of the other nonsense of life become just that. Nonsense.

What makes the most sense now is to spell check this, post it, and then kiss my son on his cute blonde head before I turn in myself!

I hope everyone had a day that was just as lovely!


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