"Loving you is wondrous and pure, I shout it from the rooftops..."

So today...

...was peaceful. We woke up together as a family (yes, I still let PJ come snooze with me for an hour before breakfast! Bad Mom!) and spent the day together as a family!

...we went to Wegman's and had a spree because Pete's aunt and uncle gave us a gift card as a recovery gift for PJ! :-) PJ was admired by the sweetest older man! Someone usually stops us to admire the Boy wherever we go- I think it's all of that blonde hair and those blue eyes! And his general handsomeness! ;-)

...we watched while PJ had his first I-pulled-up-on-something-and-then-WHOA! spill! UGH! Like a knife to my heart! I know we have to let our babies fall down every now and then, but still! It scared him more then anything, he was just fine! And thank goodness- it may have been his first fall, but it won't be his last!

...it was so nice to have Pete home for PJ's nighttime routine! I know PJ loves the nights when his Da can read him his story!

...when we put PJ to bed, his head was facing his door. First check? He had wiggled so he was completely sideways in his crib! Second check? Head was back where he started. Third check? He had completely turned around so his head was facing the other side! So, sadly, it looks like PJ has the same sleep habits as his Mama!

...Pete and I enjoyed a late dinner. Chicken taco salads, YUM!

...of course, Pete's fire pager went off. And it was for a real fire with actual flames, as opposed to a car accident/down wires/alarm system/flood call, so he flew out the door all excited! Stupid pager. It never fails.

...I will go to bed and wait for Pete to join me, hopefully soon! But first, I will kiss that sweet baby on his head and whisper that I love him!

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