"I got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream..."

Thankfully, PJ is asleep right now!

For the past few weeks, 10pm-12am became his witching hour, and the poor baby would just Lose. His Mind.

It's all about his routine, which went to complete shit in the days after his surgery. There was that first terrible night, then even though he was relatively pain free, he was up for medicines and diaper changes (he had to be changed frequently when the stent was in).

He is also starting to sleep on his belly, but he doesn't quite have the hang of rolling over and getting comfortable, so alot of the time, even though he's tired, he just doesn't know where he wants to be and gets frustrated. The combination of all of that has had him up every 3-4 hours, and it taking quite a while to get him settled back down.

It's not fun for anyone! And even though I still love snuggling him at night (I know, right? What the hell is wrong with me?) I don't want to be doing it because he's  not able to be rested and is uncomfortable! I'll give up my nighttime snuggles for my poor Boy to get a good nights sleep!

So, we are working on getting him back into his routine, and it's kind of kicking my ass! I don't want him to think I am at his back and call (even though...ahem...I totally am) and that he doesn't have to sleep because I will run to him any time he throws a tantrum! That's no good for anyone! But letting him cry it out is a huge fail for a number of reasons. One, he's not really the type to let it out then get over it (Holy crap, is this baby my kid!) and gets hyped up when he's left to cry. Two, I stress out over our neighbors being disturbed by him. Even though there is nothing I can do sometimes about PJ making noise, I worry that if he does make noise, it might not be tolerated.

For now though, my sweet son is sleeping peacefully after having a great day! We spent the day as a family with Pete, just relaxing and playing with PJ! He was in a very happy, smiley mood despite his lack of sleep! He is such a character and just makes us laugh every day! He's crawling all over the place now, and his favorite game is to crawl, look back at us and crack up, and then take off! He's babbling up a storm and seems like he's on the verge of having a whole bunch to say!

That baby Boy is the light of our lives, and even though it's all learn as you go, it makes me feel like a failure when I can't make everything perfect for him. I wonder if all mothers go through that or if I'm just extra neurotic.

Anyway, "Teen Mom" is almost over (don't judge me- you know me and my garbage TV habit!!), so it's time to go kiss that Boy on the head and tuck myself into bed!


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