"Give up the world, give up your life, cause you cannot fight the television..."

Watching this years Emmy's reminds me of just how much I love television! Seriously. I love, love, love television. The Daily Show. NBC Evening News with Brian Williams. Jersey Shore. Say Yes to the Dress. I can watch TV for hours and hours and hours upon end and feel no shame for it! Especially since I read alot of books, too! ;-)

The funny thing is that some of my most vivid, colorful, meaningful memories revolve around what I was watching on TV during that particular moment in time.

Watching "Golden Girls" during sleepovers at Mom-Mom's house, all of us tucked into her big bed.

Sitting in my classroom at Archway, with stunned, behaviorally-challenged students surrounding me as we watched the second tower of the World Trade Center fall on September 11th.

My high school friend David coming over to watch Beavis and Butthead with me.

Staying up late to watch west-coast Flyers games with my dad, trying to be as quiet as possible while we cheered and/or cursed our favorite team! Staying up late to watch Remote Control when my mom came home from her shifts as a volunteer EMT.

Watching the funeral of Ryan White with tears streaming down my cheeks, so sad to see this brave young man slayed by such a stupid disease, so inspired by his amazing life. Wanting to make some kind of change myself.

Going from big fan to Worshiper of Elton John after his MTV Unplugged special.

At Connie Macs watching the Phillie's win the 2008 World Series as champagne rained down on me!

Countless hours of Sesame Street, The Cosby Show, Dial MTV. Year after year of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve.

And of course, all those awards shows.

So yes. I am sure that I have lost more brain cells then I care to imagine due to all of those hours in front of the boob tube. Still, it's a fair trade for all of the memories I have along with it.

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