"My love, look what you can do..."

random musings...

Just got back from a "date" with the Sister-In-Law!

Love her!

She looked beautiful and I kind of looked like the butch one if we were a lesbian couple instead of sisters.

Maybe it's finally time to work on that.

It was my first night out without either of my Boys, both Baby and Big, and I missed them terribly!

We saw "Eclipse" and I think I texted Pete about twenty times.

"How's the baby? Still sleeping?"

As if he could sleep without me. Pfffft.

(He went down like an angel and hasn't woken up since his Daddy laid him in his crib. The nerve.)

When I came in, I kissed him on his head because even though he's asleep I'm sure he'd like to know that his Mommy is home!

Still...I truly enjoyed my night out! I am so lucky in my family, and perhaps most lucky in the sister I gained!

Dinner was delicious, the conversation was great, the movie was awesome (my favorite of the series so far!)!

I'm a wife and a mama, but I'm also me, and a night out was good (even if I was itching to get back to my sweet Boys!).

There is so much more to share, so much more to talk about. Our awesome holiday weekend, my nieces dance recital (sooooooo cute!), and some of the things that have been on my mind. Plus, my camera is in my bedroom and I don't want to disturb PJ by going to get it, so the sharing of pictures will have to be for another time!

For tonight though, it's off to sleep in my (thankfully!) air conditioned bedroom, where I will sleep next to my sweet husband and dream of shirtless teenage werewolves know how lucky I am to have the family I do!


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