"It's the perfect day, tomorrow's gonna come too soon..."

Today's plan was to continue our sequesterment (is that a word? I guess I'll find out when I spell check...) and hang inside.

But that went out the window! The lingering effects of an exceedingly aggravating e-mail yesterday had me feeling a little stabby (thanks, Ann Marie! Great term!) and the beautiful morning had me longing for fresh air, so with that, I made the executive decision to get the hell out of my apartment for the morning!

It was off to my favorite coffee haunt to meet up with my favorite coffee friend, her sweet duo of gals, and PJ's super-handsome BFF! The gals played, the boys noshed on Gerber puffs, and the Mama's enjoyed iced coffee drinks with LOTS of whipped cream and vented about this, that and the other! It was delicious and cathartic and exactly what I needed! An easy outing that allowed PJ and I to have a change of scene without being too strenuous for my post-surgery Baby!

(And by the way, thanks, Michelle, for meeting up with me and letting me vent! It was exactly what I needed this morning and I can't thank you enough! I am so very grateful for your friendship!)

Pete surprised us when we got home with the suggestion that we go out to lunch! It's a rare treat for us since we are trying to save money. But it was really just too lovely to be inside, so we headed off to Haddonfield to the Corner Bistro (I think it has a different name now) and enjoyed our lunch al fresco!

The rest of the day was pretty mellow, the highlight (ahem) of which was soaking PJ's Little Man Bit in a shallow bath to soften the surgical dressing so we can peel it off.

Yeah. You're welcome for that mental image.

Fast forward to tonight- Pete is at work, the baby is in bed, and the Mama is just about to follow! I think getting in bed with a book is exactly what I need to make this day complete!

So, goodnight!

PS- Sequesterment? Not so much a word.

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Shelly said...

i am so thankful i endured archway so we could be friends =) happy weekend to you and the P's!