"I was swimming across the sky, clouds and angels by my side..."

Ahhhh! How wonderful it is to rejoin the world outside!! We have been inside the past few days because PJ has a paranoid mama of PJ's fever, so we were all due for some outside entertainment!

We ventured out to our favorite coffee haunt in the morning to meet with my dear friend Michelle and her littles! Her gals were pink-striped, pigtailed balls of energy, and our boys were squirmy and full of handomeness! The coffee had caffeine, the chat was lovely and relaxing- it was the perfect pick-me-up and just what I needed!

After a quick stop at home for lunch, PJ and I headed over to the Gilper house, to hang out with Randi and her gals and visit with her parents. Randi's mom and dad are still in the house in Cherry Hill that they moved to when we were in 8th grade, and as it has a pool, it's always been a favorite hangout! We relaxed in the pool while the kids had a great time splashing about! PJ was loving the water, splashing his hands and kicking his feet and laughing his head off! I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy with my little fishie! Randi mentioned a place that has Mommy and Me swim lessons and if Pete gets a job, it's something I would seriously consider because that Baby Boy of mine Loves. The. Water!

Speaking of Pete getting a job, things have been moving in a more positive direction, but there have been no bites yet. He has gone on a few interviews, which is an improvement over the first like, six months of his job search. So we can only hope that things are moving down the right path, and it's just going very, very slowly. In the meantime, the purse strings are being tightened! If it's not a bill or food, we're not buying it. It's hard- I had to turn down offers to go out to lunch and such. While a $1.50 cup of coffee is okay on occasion, we have to be more strict with stuff like going out to eat, going places, and going crazy buying stuff for PJ. I am hoping to really learn to make some serious changes. And even after Pete finds a job, I hope these changes stick because, thanks to the sleeping Boy-Boy in the other room, our dreams are even bigger!

Right now, though? It's off to sleep...perchance to dream! ;-)


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Shelly said...

do i sense an olive garden coupon lunch coming up?! =) we love you guys and are praying for the job hunt!!