"And I will always love you..."

Dear Peter Joseph,

Your baptism day was such a special day, not only because of the blessings you received but because it was also your 7-month birthday!

Daddy and I can hardly believe you have been with us for 7 months! It's been such a wonderful time, and the changes in you this past month have been amazing! Your personality has really blossomed, and you are such a funny little character! You laugh and smile and chuckle at the drop of a hat, and every time you do it is music to our ears! You seem to make everyone around you happy, and other people make you happy, too! You're not a clingy type- if the arms are loving you will snuggle in them!

You are eating like a champ! You are having so much fun trying new foods! Carrots and applesauce are still your favorite (along with the car seat strap that you love to chew on for some inexplicable reason) but you also love sweet potato, green beans, and pears! You tried baby wheat puffs and after you figured out how to get them into your mouth, you seem to have become an addict! We may have to work on that...

You are finally starting to move about! We were getting a little worried that you would become like the sun- a stationary, bright being that has many things orbiting it! But you are rolling, scooting, and not-so-much-crawling-as-much-as-dragging along! It's so much fun to place you down in one spot and have you in a brand-new place a minute later! I guess it's time to start PJ proofing!

Peter, you are a wonderful boy, the light of our lives! You surprise us every single day with something new, and your Daddy and I love starting each new day with you! We hope we are doing okay by you, because you are the most amazing son we could ask for!

We love you so much, PJ! You are the best Boy-Boy in the whole world!

Mommy and Daddy

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