"We all need the clowns to make us smile..."

Okay, to start? The season finale of "Glee"? Best. Episode. EVER! Now, I just need to figure out what I am going to do with myself until next season starts! At least when it was on hiatus I was getting the hang of KEEPING MY NEWBORN ALIVE!! Thank God, he's thriving, so I have been able to direct a teeny bit of attention back to my television habit!

Another habit I have is my blogging habit, which I have been neglecting as of late for a few reasons. The first one being that at the end of the day, I find myself too tired to do much but veg out for a bit and then go to sleep. PJ hasn't been sleeping well (I think the change in weather gets to him, which is soooooooooooooo like me and really sucks!) so neither have I! I still love the one on one time that I get with him during the night...but maybe just once a night would be better! :-)

Pete and I did manage to get away last night to see Conan O'Brien's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour" in lovely (ahem...) Upper Darby, PA! I'll tell you, it was hard for me to leave PJ, but Pete and I had a blast and the show was absolutely hysterical!! The show was amazingly high energy and just so much fun! Tina Fay made a quest appearance, and so did some dude from the band Phish, which I didn't care so much about, but he wasn't terrible. Either way, I laughed so hard my face hurt!! And PJ behaved beautifully for his Nan, who was the sitter on duty!

And tomorrow night is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals! I was too cranky and despondent to blog after Game 5, in which the Flyers treated us to a shiteous display of ice hockey! Now, I know it looks bleak, and now it has to go to a Game 7 for the Flyers to win, and for that little scenario to happen, the Flyers have to win Game 6, and THEN win Game 7 in Chicago. Winning in Chicago has alluded them all series.

But Chicago. This?

It's on.


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