"Oh we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy..."

We have the crazies here!

PJ's baptism is this weekend, and along with that, Pete is working on getting his Pennsylvania RN licence so we can expand his job search, I have been cleaning house trying to get rid of alot of our clutter, and to top it off, it is

Pete and I are taking pre-cana classes, adding to our schedules of late. While we are married in view of the State of New Jersey, we are not married in the eyes of Pete's church. It is, I will admit, not as important to me that the church validates our marriage, but it is important to Pete and that is what's important to me! I actually have lots to say about this, so later, when I have time to settle down a bit, look for a post! :-)

There is much on my mind, as always, and not enough time to devote to sitting down and getting it all out! For now, I need to go jump in the shower while PJ takes one of his famous 20-Minute naps! Then it's off to the mall to find some things for the baptism!

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of PJ in the pool with his cousins!

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Shelly said...

ezra hasn't worn his cute skull shorts yet--can't wait to break them out this weekend!!!