"Just a day just an ordinary day..."

It's finally Friday!

This has been an exhausting week! Emotional family moments, staying up late for Flyers games (maybe next year, guys!), PJ not sleeping well, and days that have been super-busy have had me two steps from comatose by 8:25pm every night!

But, we made it to the end of the week, and today was truly a lovely day!

It started out with a Bad Mama moment- I let PJ come snuggle with me early this morning so we both could sleep in a bit! I know, I know. Bad Mama! But I don't let him sleep in our bed until the night is essentially over- 6am or later- and we want to try and catch a few extra Zz's! And honestly? I love, love, love cuddling with my sweet boy in the early morn'! So, in we slept until about 8am!

While PJ ate breakfast, a nice, cool breeze was blowing through the kitchen, and I thought about how nice a visit to the park would be! So we joined forces with some of our favorite park friends and enjoyed the beautiful morning at Knights Park! What was supposed to be a quick visit stretched to an hour and a half, and we enjoyed every second! PJ even had a short snooze in the fresh air! The big kids played, the babies acted cute, and the mama's chatted! It was a win.

After the park, PJ and I made our way to Deptford to run a few errands and have lunch with Marla! Mar was having a bad day- her lupus giving her a run for her money, so she left work early and managed to get a late afternoon doctors appointment. It was good to see her and help her kill some time before her appointment. After lunch, we ran to Old Navy, where I bought my giant child a new pair of jeans, as the pairs we own had become man-capri's on him! I also got a few things for me and even picked up a few things for a certain Daddy in this house (shhhhhhh.....)

Back home, I was nursing PJ and catching up on Twitter when saw that I had won a cloth diaper from Kelly's Closet!!! HOW FUN!! I never win anything, so that kind of made my day! My cloth diaper stash is still growing, so having a freebee to tuck away was a nice treat!

We got to spend some time with Pete before he headed off to work, and then PJ had his dinner, bath, story (thanks Aunt Marla for the great book!) and went to bed like a dream! My sweet boy is snoozing, my sweet husband is out working hard for his family, and now the mama is going to end this lovely day by heading off the bed!


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Shelly said...

there's no way a little early morning snuggle makes you a bad mama =) enjoy that snuggle time! by the time they're two their legs are too pokey and their arms too jabby to sleep next to them for ANY amount of time =)

yay for park dates! happy weekend friend!