"Trying to find an honest word to fine the truth enslaved..."

Deep breath...

I am feeling a little more Zen then I was earlier, thanks to a stop at the Pop Shop with my sister(IL), my nieces, and a dish of ice cream with Whoppers sprinkled on it!


All in all though, it was a difficult, tension filled day, punctuated by the fact that my poor son has been sleeping terribly lately, both day and night, and our little New-Parent brains are just at a loss as to how to help my sweet baby Boy get some rest! Thankfully, he's sleeping well now and will get a good nights sleep tonight! Pete's at work, so Mama is enjoying the quiet- not even then TV is on!

And as for everything else going on in our lives, we're just going to hope for the best (I can give anyone who drops me an e-mail an idea of what's going on). Like I said before, sometimes things just suck but we have been through much worse before and have come out for the better on the other end. All we can do is pray that for once, the thing that is fair and is right is also the final outcome. I just hate seeing Pete feeling so down and frustrated, especially when he works so hard to take care of us and be such an amazing father and husband. The effect that all of this is having on him is what makes me the most upset.

Still, like I said earlier, there are so many amazing ways in which we are blessed, not the least of which how lucky we are to have each other and that sweet, silly baby Boy of ours! We have that no matter how "not perfect" everything else may be and for that I couldn't be more thankful!

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