"There's somethin' special on my mind..."

Dear Peter Joseph,

Oh, sweet Boy! You are six months old today! I don't know where the time has gone, but here we are, half a year into the most amazing time of my life and of Daddy's life! You have changed so very much this past month! All of the blonde hair that had fallen out is growing back so fast! Speaking of growing, that's one things that has not changed! You are growing at a rate that astounds me, and your Daddy and I both love to tickle your chubby little feet and belly and kiss your round little fingers and face! You are outgrowing your clothes with breakneck speed (but of course, your Mommy has no trouble getting you clothes!).

You have become so active! Even though you still won't roll over (and really, little Man? That's just lazy!) you manage to scoot about on your belly! You are sitting up like a big boy, and you pull yourself up to a stand whenever you have a pair of grown-up hands to help you, and you love to bounce, spin and play in your exersaucer! You jump, laugh, and shriek with glee whenever we put you in it! (And while we're on the subject, you also have to wear a bib when you're in your saucer because you drool! In fact, you pretty much drool like a basset hound all the time anymore!)

You also started solid foods this month! So far, you have tried rice cereal, carrots, applesauce, sweet potato, and peaches and you Love. Them. All! It makes your Mommy laugh when you make "Mmmmmmmmm!" sounds and shout at me between bites if I'm not fast enough! You're not the neatest eater the world has ever seen, but you loooooooooove your food!

PJ, you never fail to make us smile, and we can' help but realize every day what an amazing blessing you are to us! Happy Half-Year, my sweet PJ! You are the bestest Boy-Boy in the whole world!


Love, Mommy and Daddy

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